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“For every thousand hacking at the branches of evil, only one is digging at its roots.” –Henry David Thoreau

As Thoreau so aptly observed, it is not enough to get involved. Successful social change requires activists to develop appropriate skills and understanding, define and focus on their top priorities, embrace nonviolence (as did Gandhi and King), and continually reassess their methods and results. If not, they risk burnout and being ineffective or even counterproductive — as do activists who employ violence, property destruction and similar means that cost vital public sympathy and support.

Our Principles:

  • nonviolence
  • community
  • compassion for all
  • equal rights for all
  • an inclusive society
  • personal growth and empowerment
  • lifetime learning and involvement
  • hope, optimism, and faith in humanity and ourselves

“Be the change you want to see.” -M.K. Gandhi
“There is no way to peace. Peace is the way.” -A.J. Muste

Email inputs & feedback and please share our links with everyone!
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